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“Do you believe that you are getting the best possible returns on your investment property?”

We’ve found through our market research that the majority of properties in our area are being under rented. As market specialists we make it our business to understand the area market.


“To get the best possible tenant – in the shortest possible time – for the highest possible rent – for the longest possible term.”

Ask us for a complimentary appraisal and get peace of mind that your investment is working for you.

At My Property Group we take the professional management of your property seriously.


Good tenants are highly prized and My Property Group property management agents are skilled at screening tenancy applications. We want to ensure that our property owners get the caliber of renters they deserve and we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of the tenancy.

That’s why we utilise a 5 step screening process on each and every rental applicant.

  • we screen all applicants through a national tenancy database
  • we contact former and current landlords for written references
  • we do a verification of the applicants employment and income
  • we obtain 100 points of identification from each applicant
  • we do a thorough check of personal references for each applicant

We will keep you informed with any new applications that are received, then once we have made the necessary checks and believe the application is ready to present to you, we will contact you for a decision. You will always have the final say about who rents your property.


We believe that a good tenant and successful tenancy can be achieved by educating tenants from the beginning. All our tenants receive a ‘tenant handbook’. In this handbook, we outline all the expectations we have for tenants of My Property Group Property Management.


We believe that in order to effectively market a property, a professional approach similar to a sales marketing campaign, should be employed to attract the best and most suitable tenants.

All our advertisements for rental properties are marketed to a world class standard by having a variety of photos and creative scripts outlining the property, all its features and the advantages of the properties location. To view our professional marketing, please feel free to browse through our current listings under the ‘rent’ heading on this website.



Investing in real estate represents a secure long-term form of wealth creation. A well-managed investment property provides distinct advantages including income, capital growth and tax relief.

As considerable sums of money are involved, it is crucial to appoint a real estate agency that has a proven track record with the best quality control systems, high professional standards and ethical values.

Consideration of any financial investment presents wide and varied alternatives and outcomes. We therefore always recommend that you seek appropriate advice from qualified financial advisors, accountants and lawyers to determine what investment options are best for you.


To secure the best possible tenant in the shortest possible time, for the longest possible term, for the highest possible rent.  To maximise returns on your investment and to mitigate any possible loss.


To increase your income and ensure your investment is working for you by delivering a premium service through:

Proactive, Predictive and Pre-emptive property management.


To be the real estate agency of choice achieving outstanding results for our clients through:

Consistency, Continuity and Communication


At My Property Group we are passionate about property management and we are relentless in our pursuit to provide the best possible returns on your investment! We make it our business to know the market.


How do you keep me up to date about my property?

We understand that communication is crucial to our relationship with you and whether it is good or bad news, we won’t keep it from you. We keep you updated on all matters relating to your property and tenants. Direct email access to your property portfolio manager is a quick efficient option available to you.

I am worried about getting the right tenants in my property …

Our job is to find you the best possible tenant in the shortest possible time. Our detailed screening process aims to establish that the tenants can meet the responsibilities of the tenancy agreement. We keep you informed of applications, so that you can take part in the selection process.

What if a tenant gets in arrears?

Every precaution is taken to ensure tenants are up to date with their rent payments with daily checks and follow up with a primary focus to reduce the risk of income loss to you.

What if I am not happy with your service?

If you are not completely satisfied within the first 3 months – we’ll refund the management fees. We stand by our promise to provide service excellence and we give it to you in writing, so we are all aware of the level of expectations

What will happen leading up to a periodic/routine inspection?

At least seven (7) days prior to an inspection taking place, an email will be sent to the tenants to confirm a date and time of inspection. Please note: If you are the tenant, your presence at the inspection is welcome, but not necessary; the Property Manager will use the agency key set and leave a business card advising they have been through the property

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