Backyard Bliss Or Miss

Whether your property has a huge backyard that’s big enough to host the Christmas Day cricket match, or a small courtyard that’s just perfect for a sunny Sunday brunch, the outside spaces of your property may be as important as the inside of the home to prospective tenants.

While it is true that not all tenants may be looking for a large backyard, if you’re lucky enough to own a property that boasts one, you really should make the most of it and have it looking its best, especially when it comes time to market your property.

If it is looking tired and worn, or suggests quite a bit of work to maintain, prospective tenants might not be all that enthusiastic.

You may get lucky with a green thumb as a tenant, in which case lots of gardened areas could be a drawcard.

However, for some it may seem simply too much upkeep and all too hard.

Low maintenance gardens will often keep the majority happy.

If a little extra effort is needed to make your outdoor space appealing, make alterations with longevity in mind. Provided they are done well, outdoor renovations can often outlast internal renovations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

It also pays to plan for the future and consider further modifications/additions you may like to make, such as adding a pool or shed.

Just as most tenants like to personalise the inside of a property with furniture and décor, tenants may also like to decorate the outside of a property. Give thought to how they might do this if space allows, and in such a way that won’t impact on your property permanently.

If your property doesn’t have a large backyard, but you still want to make the most of the available space, reflect on how best the space would be used.

For example, if your property has a courtyard overlooked by apartments, it doesn’t offer much privacy for your tenants to enjoy. Could privacy screening, a shade sail, or foliage make a difference?

Regardless of whether prospective tenants are searching for outdoor space specifically, an immaculate house with a run down, forgotten outdoor area is likely to be an instant turn-off for them.

Turning an unattractive or underutilised external space into something that’s part of your property’s appeal may transform your entire property altogether.

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