Christmas Time Decorating For Tenants

There’s no hiding the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. With that, of course, comes Christmas lights galore for those eager enough to share their joy with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Without wanting to sound like a Grinch – and while they are a wonderful way to showcase our joy of this time of year – it is worth remembering that there can be the potential for them to be dangerous.

This is why at this time of year, we, as property managers, like to remind tenants to be careful and offer a few tips to keep them and your property safe this Christmas.

Lights can lay dormant gathering dust for around 10 or 11 months of the year, so when bringing them out it’s important that they’re checked to ensure they’re in good working condition.

Any damage to lights, leads or transformers should be checked by a licenced electrician or the items thrown away.

If purchasing new lights online, it is important to ensure they are compliant with Australian Standards and have a clearly visible compliance mark on them.

It’s also important that indoor lights only be used indoors; and outdoor lights, leads, boards and transformers have a weatherproof rating on them.

Decorative lights should only be on while someone is home. We suggest the use of a timer as this may help your tenant reduce the amount of power they’re outputting.

While this practical advice is passed on to tenants, one thing landlords can do to for the safety of property and tenants is ensure the property is fixed with a working RCD (safety switch).

Not only do these save lives in the event of an electrical fault, but they are a requirement in all rental properties throughout Queensland and Victoria. Currently in New South Wales, safety switches are required to be installed in new properties, or with renovations or extensions to existing properties.

A gentle reminder of the above, along with well wishes, is a good way for us to stay connected with tenants and help ensure they and your property remain safe and sound.

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