Finding the right tenant is a little like match making…

…A little like it but with a lot less drama!

When it comes to finding the right tenant for a property, it’s more than just accepting the first applicant that ticks the boxes.

The start of the year is a particularly busy period for rentals. As the New Year often coincides with job changes and the start of new school terms, individuals and families are often looking for a new place of residence. Whatever the reason for change – jobs, schools, growing families, downsizers – the need to not only just find a home, but a suitable home, becomes a priority.

Obviously, there’s certain criteria that needs to be met in order to meet the minimum standards of a renter – namely, the ability to pay rent. But finding the right tenant takes more than just that and as your property manager, ensuring your new tenant is the right one is extremely important. Finding the right home is as much an importance to property managers and landlords as it is to tenants, which is why the process to secure a great tenant is not one taken lightly.

So what does your property manager look for on your behalf?

Screening and background checks are extremely important and something that we take very seriously. From hearing from previous property managers’ experiences with a tenant, to
confirming their employment and even obtaining character references, this helps us paint a well-rounded picture of what they may be like as a tenant in your property. We want to ensure that your future tenant can not only pay their rent on time, but that they will care for your property as if it were their own.

Even before we get to this stage, there are some important factors that we place great emphasis on.

Firstly, finding the right place to source tenants is important. The marketing strategy for your property is very much centred on the type of tenant that would be most suitable to the
property. For example, a five-bedroom home is much more suited to a family, rather than a single renter.

Secondly, by being available at open inspections gives us a chance to meet potential tenants. First impressions go a long way and a lot can be judged by the level of communication and
attitude at an open home.

Thirdly, the larger the tenant pool the better. While this means more work for your property manager to sort through applications, the chance of finding the right tenant is greatly increased.

Lastly, we want to ensure, wherever possible, that a strong tenancy ensues, which is why we place a strong emphasis on creating clear communication and transparency with our landlords when recommending potential tenants. You can feel confident that our process in finding your next tenant is completed with your best interests in mind and hopefully, it’s a match made in rental real estate heaven.

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