Keeping Your Property Safe Over Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. For many of us it is a joyous time of year in which we decorate and open our homes up in welcome to family and friends. For others, it is the perfect time of year to escape the usual routine and take a well-earned holiday. If you’re heading away this Christmas, chances are your tenants may be too.

An unattended property can increase the risk of unwanted break-ins which is a big concern for both landlords and tenants, and let’s be honest, would really put a dampener on Christmas! While your tenants are not obliged to tell you if they’re holidaying over the Christmas period, as your property manager, we like to share some practical tips with tenants if they do so happen to be heading away in coming weeks.

Practical tips to pass on to tenants:

  • A full mailbox is an obvious sign no-one is living in the house. We suggest that someone collect their mail on their behalf or have the post office hold it until they return.
  • Where possible, have someone trusted to check in on the property while away. If aware, your property manager may be able to assist with this.
  • If the family pet is staying behind, ensure they are being cared for appropriately. We’re lucky enough to enjoy a warm Christmas, but this does increase the threat of pets overheating.
  • Ensure the property is locked and secured and that keys are not left outside the property.
  • Suggest that any valuable items are well hidden from the outside of the property. This may be an opportune time for us to remind tenants that contents insurance is their responsibility.

This may also be a great time of year to demonstrate that you are a pro-active landlord. Perhaps enquire about any outstanding maintenance work to be completed, particularly in regards to the property’s security.

Ensuring that security screens are properly fitted and locks are all working correctly is extremely important for the safety of the property and those living in it.

You may also consider having security camera or sensor lights installed. Not only will it serve as a warning for would-be thieves, but having additional security may give your property an advantage when on the rental market.

A gentle reminder of the above, along with well wishes is a good way for us to stay connected with tenants and help ensure that they and your property remain safe and sound this holiday season.

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