Open for inspection

As a property manager, ensuring your property is available and set up for potential tenants to view is an important part of our job.

First impressions are important, which is why we take the time to prepare your property as best we can in order to showcase the best it has to offer and appeal to the best tenants.

When rental demand in the markets is high, finding the right tenant can often be done quickly, reducing the time between tenancies to little or none. However, this is not always possible.

In any case, time vacant between tenancies can give you the perfect opportunity to undertake any repairs or upgrades to your property.

Traditionally there are two forms of inspections – open house or by appointment. We’re seeing a shift in this with the advancement in technology, allowing accessibility to view properties online more easily. Still, to really get a feel for a property, many prospective tenants will still prefer being able to walk through the home.

There are pros to both open house inspections and by-appointment inspections. Open houses can allow for a larger tenant pool to view the property, potentially streamlining the process. Prospective tenants may find this easier than setting an appointment directly. Limiting the viewing time, may allow for a busy inspection, encouraging tenants to place an application in a timely manner.

One-on-one appointments, on the other hand, may allow for a more personal overview of the property and surrounds for the tenant, and a chance for property managers to get to know potential tenants a little better.

Consideration is also made if tenants are currently living in the property. Property managers are required to negotiate a suitable time to allow for minimal disruption to current tenant. In many cases, they may choose to leave the property while it is being opened for inspection.

Whether vacant or tenanted, your property manager will always do their best to showcase your property in the its best light, to attract the best tenant and reduce the period of time property remains vacant. 

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