Virtual Reality – A Reality To Consider When Targeting Tenants

One day, now or in the not-so-distant future, your new tenant may have walked through your investment property and decided it was the perfect renter for them… without having even opened the front door.

Or perhaps that’s the way it happens now… at your place.

Virtual tours allow for an exciting interactive way for prospective tenants to view your property with 24-hour access, increasing your property’s engagement with a larger audience.

Having the option to ‘walk through’ the property gives them a chance to image themselves in the space and familiarise themselves with their surroundings. Think Google street view as basic example.

It is not intended to entirely replace open inspections, but rather compliment this important part of your rental property’s cycle.

Inspection times don’t always suit everyone. People may be relocating and simply not have time to physically attend an open house. And think what a help it would be to a prospective tenant coming from interstate or overseas.

A virtual tour can offer tenants a new way to inspect property, speeding up the leasing process and decreasing time spent vacant.

There’s always a lot of discussion around ensuring your property appeals to the right tenants, but when it comes to actually getting those tenants to see (and apply) for your property, your property manager is in the driving seat and may introduce you to ‘new’ technology.

Technology can bring your property closer any time, any day, anywhere, to potential tenants.

If your property is vacant, it is likely to be shared on multiple platforms and in multiple ways with a call to ‘inspect today’.

Tapping into technology will help to get the most out of your property in a competitive market.

Your property manager plays an important role in ensuring your property is being seen by the right people. They’re there to sift through applications and shortlist suitable tenants for you, ensuring backgrounds are checked. And they’ll be there to greet potential tenants when your property is open for inspection.  Imagine adding the option for tenants to tour the property themselves but without physically being there!

Understanding the local market and how to best reach tenants is where your property manager will be at their best. Talk to them today to discuss how to best incorporate technology to engage your future tenants.

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